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Travelling in London

In London there is an extensive public transport system, trains, buses, underground trains and light railway. If you use a taxi, it is best to use the well recognised London taxis known as “Black Cabs”. They will usually provide a guide to the fare and operate under a proper licence. However, public transport is much cheaper. The Greater London area is divided into six travel zones.Our college is located in Zone 2. This may sound complex but members of the college admission team will be happy to explain how the travel system works. You can buy daily, weekly and monthly travel cards that either gives access to both buses and underground trains. For monthly travel cards, you will need a photo card and apply for a student discount rates. Useful information about public transport in London can be found on

Most major towns and cities are linked by railway. Cities will have regular bus services but smaller towns may not. Internal flights also operate between major cities.