English for Professionals


1) English for Human Resource Professionals

This course will provide an opportunity for HR professionals to develop effective verbal and written communication skills which are useful in a wide range of work situations such as meetings, conferences, telephone conversations, interviews of applicants, etc.

2) English for the Public Sector Professionals

The English for the Public Sector course is designed for learners who want to improve English language skills which will help them negotiate and communicate effectively in international meetings.

3) Effective Communication in English

The Effective Communication in English course provides an opportunity for individuals whose goal is to improve their general communication skills useful for effectiveness in a variety of professional settings.

4) Communication Skills for Bankers

The Communication Skills for Bankers is designed for professionals who wish to advance their English language skills and improve their career prospects in a banking sector.

5) Cambridge English: Financial (ICFE)

The Cambridge English: Financial (ICFE) course prepares professionals who want to advance their careers in international finance. It helps the learners improve their employment opportunities.

6) Effective Lecturing Skills in English

The Effective Lecturing Skills in English will prepare current and prospective lecturers to communicate in English and work effectively in their careers, taking into account a vast array of disciplines.

7) Aviation English (ICAO Level 3 – Level 6)

The Aviation English course is specifically designed for aviation professionals such as for pilots and air traffic controllers. The course prepares learners to meet language proficiency requirements set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). It is available at the following levels: ICAO Level 3, ICAO Level 4 (Operational), ICAO Level 5 (Extended), Level 6 (Expert).