English Level 2 Functional Skills

Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 2

Develop your skills in English language. Improve your employability.

Functional Skills Qualifications are recognised as a GCSE equivalent, and accepted by most colleges and universities

Course Description:

Functional Skills English includes two exams and an assessment:

  • Reading – This exam will test you on your ability to read for information, including looking at biased pieces of work and will help you to work out how much the opinions of certain authors can be trusted. 
  • Writing – This exam will assess your writing ability on a variety of ways to write certain pieces. This may include letters, newspaper articles, emails and blogs amongst others. This exam will also test your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. 
  • Speaking, Listening and Communicating – An important element of the English is speaking, listening and communicating (SLC). The Functional Skills English qualification includes an assessment on SLC, assessing your skills in the various ways SLC is used on a daily basis. 

Learners must complete 2 assessed tasks:

  1. an informal discussion on an unfamiliar subject
  2. a formal discussion on a familiar subject

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

12 weeks and we provide fantastic training materials you will love when taking this qualification

How is the qualification assessed? 


What next?, 

Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics  at Level 1,2


Full course- £450

Exam only £125

Course Details
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  • English Level 2 Functional Skills
  • Fees: £600 £450
  • Duration: 12 weeks
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