Legal English


1) Legal English for Commercial Lawyers

This course provides the chance for individuals who want to be successful commercial lawyers in international legal contexts.

2) Legal English for Public Sector Lawyers

This course is created for public sector lawyers who want to improve their English language skills and progress in their careers in international law.

3) Legal English for Young Lawyers

This Legal English course is designed for young professionals who want to develop effective English language and communication skills that will help them achieve success in their careers in law.

4) TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills)

This course offers an intensive preparation programme for professionals who must pass the Test of Legal English Skills required in international law careers.

5) ILEC (International Legal English Certificate)

This course is designed for professionals who want to progress their careers in international law and gain the right English language skills required for effective and successful communication in a professional legal setting. It prepares the students for the International Legal English (ILEC) certification examination.