Welfare Of The Students


The welfare of our students is of paramount importance to Care International Academy. Therefore, the Student Welfare Committee exists at Care International Academy to have the crucial responsibility of ensuring that the physical and mental well-being of all students is given adequate attention. The Committee is available to assist students with any potential problems that may arise, such as those related to physical and mental health, financial problems, etc.


The importance of this Committee in protecting students and facilitating their academic and personal success cannot be over-emphasized. A student representative and Student Welfare Officer will be included in this Committee, along with the Director of the college and the relevant Heads.


Furthermore, Care International Academy considers the health and safety of all faculty members, students and college visitors as vital. Henceforth, the college strictly adheres to the standards set in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other related legislations to ensure the well-being of all those entering the college premises. Both smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited on the entire premises of the college.


Finally, a primary obligation of all staff and students is to ensure that the Care International Academy policy of non-discrimination and mutual respect is adhered to. This duty obliges all individuals to conform to the ethics and principles of the college, i.e. to welcome all and create an atmosphere where no individual is negatively impacted by the wrongful behaviour of others. Care International Academy notes that discrimination comes in a number of forms and may be aimed at various aspects of an individual’s being, i.e. race, creed, religion, disability or nationality. By adopting a pragmatic definition of discrimination, the college aims to protect all individuals against discrimination in all its guises.